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Age Related Stereotypes Of Pain (& Impairment)

I think it is fairly common to think of pain and disability to be synonymous with age.  Phrases like "I'm no spring chicken" or "Well, you are getting older - things hurt more." create an implicit statement on the expectation of these presumed inevitabilities.  But are they inevitable?  Researchers who published a paper back in 2012 say...  (more)


Parkour... Our Roots ???

Charles Moreland effectively communicates how the roots of parkour used to be pervasive and how our culture has developed away from those roots.  Varied movement is in our DNA and neuroscience is proving that pain is a marker of our evolutionary unnatural sedentary habits.  Parkour celebrates the joy of moving freely, it celebrates individual achievement and it celebrates the lack of external barriers.  lastly, parkour celebrates exploration into what is possible.  Anyone with children knows that this is the secret of the many wonders of life.


enjoy the video!!!