Movement Based Therapist & Trainer specializing in Resilience Training


Chronic Pain Relief • Injury Prevention • Performance Breathing



A practitioner of yoga since 1995, I pursued Pilates in 2009 with the idea of helping people move better, and as an adjunct to Kathleen's osteopathic manual therapy.  Not much time passed when I was introduced to Mercy Sidbury, a rehabilitative movement and Pilates elder with tremendous knowledge and experience who became a very influential mentor to me.  She opened my mind up to human movement and expression where pilates was but one tool from which to create change.  This catalyzed me to dig deep to understand the facets of movement, why we as humans pain and why we largely develop into such poor movers.  This resulted in - thousands of hours of textbook assimilation, scientific inquiry, unique programs & workshops - a wealth of knowledge that has been (and continues to be) a treasure to accumulate.  

While it is that of helping people (move away from pain, feel stronger and develop movement resilience) that has been the most rewarding in my time as a therapist.  Ultimately, I wish for everyone that steps foot into Return To Movement to have the opportunity to fulfill their physical potential.  My three hats of focus (therapy for pain, physical resilience & performance breathing) can be found under the "Book a service" tab when you click the "Make An Appointment" button below.

When I'm not in the office, I try to "walk the walk" by being active outside with a day of rock climbing, a hike in the hills or a backpacking trip into nature.