I enjoy helping people dramatically improve their body mechanics to get out of pain, to move through plateaus towards getting stronger and to recover from as well as prevent injuries.  I’ve had my own fair share of injuries before turning 30. I was lucky to come across great physiotherapist teachers from the Prague School of Rehabilitation who have helped me to completely retrain how I use my spine, hips and nearly every other joint in my body.                          
Essentially after the basics are learned in how to be more kinetically connected, exercise and daily movements become quite simple and feel dramatically stronger. These unique and cutting edge DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) guided exercises are based on how the human brain tells our bodies to go through development by strengthening and re-balancing our joints and muscles for optimal alignment and functional strength. 

In further cutting edge neuroscience training through Z-Health I've learned that by correcting slight and virtually unnoticeable weaknesses of the vision and vestibular system that performance can improve drastically and physical pain is often lost instantly. In examining how the brain receives, interprets and sends information to the rest of the body, we can more fully address a problem at a deeper root.  

I combine DNS with Pilates and neuroscience (based on Z-Health) to help clients integrate proper body mechanics and intelligent movement with their everyday life and with their current or desired activities. To be able to help empower people to get out of their own physical pain when nothing else seemed to work, and achieve their fitness goals after almost losing hope due to injury or aging has been my absolute passion and constant drive to learn more. 



  • PMA CPT: Pilates Teacher (Certification #12474)
  • CAMTC CMT: Massage Therapist (Certification #35324)
  • DNSET: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer
  • NASM CPT: Personal Trainer
  • NASM CES: Corrective Exercise Specialist