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  • We have tips for the person who is tired of waiting for their back pain to go away

  • The same person who possibly tried anti-inflammatory drugs for only short term effect and for...

  • The same person who could have, among other things, tried all kinds of stretches to little or no effect

It is a known fact that anti-inflammatory drugs can be hard on your kidneys and also can cause bleeding in your stomach. It is not good practice to take these drugs regularly or for long periods of time.  Narcotic use also comes with unpleasant side effects - like constipation, nausea and confusion - that can compound the already present stress of your back pain.


Over the years we have been working on a daily basis in our Santa Rosa office to help people find non-invasive and drug free relief from acute and chronic back pain.  We increasingly grew frustrated with the epidemic of people suffering unnecessarily with back pain, so we have written down 9 of the best general approaches that any person can do themselves to help their back.

It is impossible to know if these 9 approaches will completely make your back pain go away.  However, trying these tips has to be better than spending another day "resting", feeling resigned,  thinking "it's your age" or worse yet, masking your back symptoms with pain killers. 

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