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"Why won't my neck pain go away?"

"I really don't want to mask the pain with medications."

"Stretching doesn't really seem to help."

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If you think about it, you'll probably realize that the shoulder is the most complex series of joints in the human body.  It has more moving parts, potentially tight spaces and interesting unique aspects that can make for a sometimes challenging navigation of self-care approaches to ease pain and discomfort.  Adding to that, the interconnectedness of the neck through adjoining tissues is perhaps why this area has the one of the most prevalent incidence of painful conditions - 2nd only to low back pain.  Interestingly enough, range of motion deficits in the shoulder can also provoke issues in the back through compensation while moving throughout the day.  This small bit of information sometimes sparks an "a-ha" moment for the distressed sufferer.

Further complicating matters, the central nervous system can be hyper-vigilante with respect to protecting.  Making recovery sometimes a tricky proposition.

Maybe you have taken drugs, tried stretches and waited it out, among other things.  We can understand why it is nearly as vexing as back pain... maybe even more!

With anti-inflammatory drugs, it's a known fact they can be hard on your kidneys and also cause bleeding in your stomach. It's not good practice to take these drugs regularly or for long periods.  Narcotic use also comes with unpleasant side effects - like constipation, nausea and confusion - that can compound the already present stresses of your neck & shoulder pain. 


Surprisingly to some, it is sometimes a simple movement - done on a daily over a short period - that can give a break to sensitized tissues to help them to calm down. Contact us to get an appointment for an evaluation in our Santa Rosa office to help identify what treatment may help you get onto the road of recovery.