Canadian-Trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioner



For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to help people.  Health and healing has been my mission even at a very young age.  Through my teen years I was drawn to understanding the human body and excelled in advanced anatomy and physiology courses. 

Then I discovered my touch.  I was not completely aware of it at the time—but in retrospection, my ability to feel for tension in peoples bodies was instinctual and sensitive.  My mom would say “you have magic hands”. Friends and family would often ask me “how do you know where to go?” and I would, in my youthful giddiness say “I don’t know... I just know”.  I certainly did not know of osteopathy back in those days, but I did want to do something with my hands.  After considering massage therapy, I finally chose to pursue nursing because of the different opportunities that it would and could allow.

My nursing career landed me in the hospital emergency department as a registered nurse.  It did not provide much opportunity for using my hands in the way that I had dreamed of in my teens, but my innate ability to care blossomed.  I continued with my pursuit of holistic medical care after obtaining my Masters of Science in Nursing from UCLA.  As a Nurse Practitioner, I was now prepared to focus my attention on other more direct beneficial healing methods.  After much exploration and trials, it was traditional osteopathy that moved me most.  I had come back to my hands and my love of human anatomy and physiology in this - new to me - medium.

Gratefully, osteopathic manual therapy has given me access to therapeutic interventions that profoundly and positively affect the health of the people that I see.  I revel in my clients reclaim of wellness by helping those who have been left behind in pain, feel reliant on medications or believe their only option is continued discomfort.  It gives me great joy and satisfaction to witness them feeling more vitality while experiencing reduced pain and improved day to day mobility.

I'm originally from Marin and feel right at home here in Sonoma County since relocating here with my family.  We are incredibly blessed to have wonderful access to farm fresh food, the beautiful outdoors and family-friendly surroundings.