If Only...

I had been experiencing excruciating SI joint pain and related symptoms for over one year when I discovered Kathleen and Return to Movement. I had seen chiropractors, had an MIR, multiple x-rays, two epidurals, a nerve block, been in physical therapy, and had been on a strict anti-inflammatory diet to no avail. I had been told by a spinal specialist that there was nothing to do and I would just have to live with the pain. While I still have some soreness in the SI joint, after only two visits the severe pain and cramping has vanished completely. Beyond being a miracle worker, Kathleen is a warm, positive person with excellent bedside manners. I wish I had discovered her sooner and highly recommend her.

Finally, Lasting Relief!

Before coming to Lance, I had tried hiring a personal trainer, massage therapy, chiropractic care, yoga, and visiting the medical doctor. These weren’t bad options, but generally only gave me short term relief from pain. Taking 800mg of ibuprofen didn’t do a thing (other than tax my liver) and I wanted to fix the problem, not just dull the pain. I was in a serious car accident about ten years ago. Add to those injuries - my age and a sedentary job - I was in daily pain. I was a mess!

I am so thankful that Lance was able to properly assess my problems and to help me restore my body through my nervous system. It took a little while but the pain left, and if I do the homework (even occasionally) it stays gone.

I recommend Lance 100%. It will not be a waste of your time, energy, or money. He brings a wealth of knowledge, attention and dedication to his craft and his client’s health.

Relieved after 15 Years!!!

Kathleen has been instrumental in the healing journey of my hyper-extended elbow which included severe tendonitis, nerve displacement, and muscular injury. She took the time to listen to my needs & concerns, then developed an appropriate care plan tailored for me. I really appreciated her ability to empathize with my situation and notice additional injuries including a lower back/hip strain which she also put her healing hands to work on giving me significant decrease in pain and increase in mobility. While assessing my arm/elbow she noticed I had very limited mobility of my shoulder which I explained to her I had had for 15 years and had been to a physical therapist for years to try and help with my range of motion. She did a simple osteopathic technique and to my shock I stood up and could reach my arm to the ceiling - something I had not done in 15 years. You cannot go wrong having Kathleen work on you!

A Pivotal Role in my Healing!

I went to Kathleen for help with the worst sinus infection I have had in years! Everything in my head was pounding and I could not sleep for almost two weeks! The jaw pain and headaches were the worst I have had in five years and I was looking for a miracle. For me, Kathleen gave me that relief. After one treatment my sinuses drained and relieved the pressure in my head and jaw. Combined with my chiropractor, acupuncturist and Kathleen my symptoms and health and vitality restored quickly. Thank you for playing a pivotal role in my healing!

Wonderful Results!

I have had outstanding results from Kathleen’s treatments! She has a keen perception of how to help the body and an amazingly gentle and effective style of working on me!

I Trust Kathleen

I have been riding horses for 23 years & I currently train young horses to jump. As would be expected, I get tossed around a bit. I have an old back injury from 9 years ago, and when I was thrown last November it exacerbated my injury. In addition to aggravating my back, the accident knocked my right hip out of alignment. I could barely walk. I went to Kathleen, having heard how good she is with injuries and adjustments. I talked to her about my hip and back and she worked on it for me. After the treatment and a little bit of rest, I was as good as new. I routinely see Kathleen for my various injuries and ailments. I have referred some of my fellow equestrians to her for bodywork, and they all come back raving about how amazing she is. I won’t trust my back with anyone else!

Remarkable Help

I first began my sessions with Lance when I had wrenched my neck, compounded by a sore shoulder. Starting off with slow movements and continually working at it, along with a lot of patience from Lance, I am much better today.

Combining the right movement and engaging the brain - so important - this type of practice has helped me remarkably.

Thorough & Thoughtful

I am incredibly fortunate to work with Lance. He is respectful, kind, open-minded, and resourceful. He has a quiet and fun sense of humor, a gentle approach, and a wealth of knowledge, both scientifically based and gleaned through his own experience. Perhaps most important, he listens carefully and is highly attuned to one’s experience. He is a thoughtful and diligent practitioner, who will think about a particular physical issue from various perspectives in order to find an approach that works and, as necessary, happily research a question needing further exposition. This was especially the case for me with the numbness and pain I experienced in my right shoulder for over a year and a half. I can happily say thanks to Lance and with the exercises we explored it is gone! If you are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort related to mobility, I would call him now.

Genuinely Caring

After injuring my knee in a downhill skiing accident, I was unable to straighten or bend it for two weeks. There was severe inflammation and I walked with a heavy limp. I hesitated to go see an orthopedic physician, as I believed it was not an injury needing surgery. My yoga instructor recommended seeing Kathleen Brown. By the third treatment, I gained 80% range in motion and was able to walk without limping. Kathleen is a genuinely caring person with impeccable bedside manners. I will confidently recommend her to anyone who has chronic pain and/or stubborn injuries.

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