Thanks to Michael Shacklock, DipPhysiomounting evidence continues to put into question the idea of flexion being a mechanism for disc bulging into nerve roots - the pervasive mechanistic theory for a variety of nerve conditions including low back pain.  Michael took a video during his ongoing research of nerve physiology which further supports the emerging theory that discs actually bulge less around the nerve roots in spinal flexion.  

See his post HERE for more info.  The video shows the bulge occurring on the front side of vertebral column contrary to current thought (nerve roots are located on the backside).  He also offers up supporting MRI imagery from research done back in 2002 that helps us to see what happens in vivo.

It's interesting how questionable ideas take so long to change convention.  Of course mechanisms become clearer and clearer thanks to Michael's continuing research, among others, who are furthering the validity of neurodynamics and how to take it into the clinic.  BRAVO!!!

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