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Concussion Treatment - Self Support

A post compiling the latest research for supporting brain health with diet and lifestyle for concussion recovery over time.  Essentially, what you can do right now for treatment of traumatic brain injury (TBI), aka concussion. (more)


Is Flexion Bad for Disc Bulging?

Mounting evidence, thanks to Michael Shacklock, continues to put into question the idea of flexion being a mechanism for disc bulging into nerve roots - the pervasive mechanistic theory for a variety of nerve conditions including low back pain.  Michael took a video during his ongoing research of nerve physiology that further supports the emerging theory that discs actually bulge less around the nerve roots in spinal flexion...  (more)


Age Related Stereotypes Of Pain (& Impairment)

I think it is fairly common to think of pain and disability to be synonymous with age.  Phrases like "I'm no spring chicken" or "Well, you are getting older - things hurt more." create an implicit statement on the expectation of these presumed inevitabilities.  But are they inevitable?  Researchers who published a paper back in 2012 say...  (more)

The Sunburn Model & Pain

This will be an interesting post.  The Sunburn Model?  I was out rock climbing last week and (as what usually happens when my mind is having a vacation) an unbridled metaphor hit me - or developed right on my nose.  'Rudolph the red nosed reindeer' was the reference of the evening with my wife...  (more)


Expectation and (Neck) Pain

A recent provocative research study has shown that the element of conscious expectation (and subconscious prediction) has a significant modulatory affect on the experience of pain.  In this specific case the researchers focused on neck pain.  This study has also helped to confirm the latest thinking on the multi-dimensional aspects of the origins of pain...  (more)